Skiff Mail bulk contact export

Skiff Mail introduces bulk contact export feature

Skiff Mail has announced that it has introduced bulk contact export feature. You can import/export individual or bulk contacts as a VCF file.

Contacts comprise email addresses which you have sent emails to. You can also add received emails to your contact list or manually add an email to your contact. You can as well delete a contact from your emails.

How to export contacts in Skiff Mail

To export contacts in Skiff Mail, follow the procedure below;

  • Log in to your Skiff Mail account.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • Go to Contacts.
  • Select either All contacts or specific emails.
  • Click on the download icon.
  • A zip file will be downloaded, containing a VCF file with all your contacts.

This feature is particularly useful for users who regularly use email for business communication and want to add their contacts to an automated email service provider.

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