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100 Best Affordable Email Marketing Tools

This article provides a list of the best email marketing tools, starting from the cheapest. We have gone through each email marketing tool listed below, carefully assessing their most affordable pricing plans alongside their features. Our findings have resulted in a ranking list condensed into one table to help marketers working on a limited budget quickly discover low-priced email service providers.

Ranking Criteria: We have ranked the email marketing tools according to the price of their cheapest plan for 10,000 contacts or 100,000 emails per month. This information is publicly available on each tool’s pricing page for verification. We do not consider discounted prices as they are not reliable when making buying decisions.

Best Email Marketing Tools Listed by Price (Starting with the cheapest)

Below is a list of email marketing tools listed according to price. Use the dropdown option to select the most affordable email marketing tools based on a feature you prefer. These features include Generative AI, automation, third-party integrations (API), A/B testing, email campaigns, autoresponders, signup forms, HTML email templates, personalization, segmentation, analytics, RSS to email, custom domain, WordPress plugins, and more. You can also select the cheapest tools that are self-hosted or those that are open-source (free without limits).

Ranking Tool Name Price
1 Mailchimp $55/mo
2 ConvertKit $100/mo
3 Constant Contact $120/mo
4 ActiveCampaign $174/mo
5 Brevo $69/mo
6 MailerLite $44/mo
7 HubSpot $159/mo
8 Omnisend $132/mo
9 Moosend $88/mo
10 Mailjet $95/mo
11 Benchmark Email $89/mo
12 Klaviyo $150/mo
13 iContact $95/mo
14 EmailOctopus $36/mo
15 Salesforce Marketing $1250/mo
16 GetResponse $55/mo
17 AWeber $65/mo
18 Campaign Monitor $99/mo
19 Drip $154/mo
20 SendPulse $34/mo
21 Keap $399/mo
22 Mautic (free) $0
23 Sendy $69/mo
24 MailWizz $65/mo
25 Remarkety $240/mo
26 Sendloop $79/mo
27 myemma $99/mo
28 Sendfox $720/mo
29 Robly $79/mo
30 CleverReach $100/mo
31 Cakemail $45/mo
32 Sendx $60/mo
33 Sender $57/mo
34 Directiq $42/mo
35 Emailchef $119/mo
36 Mailmunch $50/mo
37 Feedblitz $69/mo
38 Mailmodo $74/mo
39 Moonmail $59/mo
40 Automizy $119/mo
41 Wemail $18/mo
42 Selzy $60/mo
43 Postsheet $99/mo
44 Sparkloop $99/mo
45 $564/mo
46 Feedotter $130/mo
47 $119/mo
48 $49/mo
49 $89/mo
50 Zoho Campaigns $49/mo
51 $59/mo
52 $83/mo
53 Amazon SES (SMTP) $10/mo
54 SendGrid $35/mo
55 Postmark $115/mo
56 Mailgun $75/mo
57 Elastic Email $25/mo
58 SMTP2GO $75/mo
59 Nuevomailer $129/mo
60 Listmonk(free) $0/mo
61 $58/mo
62 Zerobounce $64/mo
63 Emailable $43/mo
64 $90/mo
65 Engagebay $68/mo
66 Squareup $150/mo
67 Mailblaze $60/mo
68 Goemail $170/mo
69 Smartrmail $87/mo
70 Mailrelay $70/mo
71 Mailshake $58/mo
72 Privy $180/mo
73 Sendlane $600/mo
74 Mailpoet $80/mo
75 Mailercloud $40/mo
76 Socketlabs $80/mo
77 Flodesk $38/mo
78 Activetrail $12/mo
79 Newsman $40/mo
80 Prezly $90/mo
81 Smaily $82/mo
82 Wordfly $75/mo
83 Pushsend $139/mo
84 Clevertap $250/mo
85 Mailpro $190/mo
86 Flexmail $137/mo
87 Mailersend $48/mo
88 Acellemail $64/mo
89 Ungapped $149/mo
90 EKM $65/mo
91 Sendtex $250/mo
92 Minutemailer $25/mo
93 Sendmachine $30/mo
94 Useinbox $68/mo
95 Emailjs $38/mo
96 Instantly $97/mo
97 Mergemail $65/mo
98 Mail250 $20/mo
99 Sendmails $97/mo
100 Bigmailer $20/mo
101 Ether Mailer $45/mo
102 Kartra $229/mo
103 Oracle Eloqua Marketing $2000/mo

Selection Tip

For beginners who are only interested in building an email list and sending simple newsletters, it is recommended to select the basic option. For startups and small businesses, select SMEs. For large corporations looking for a reasonably priced tool with advanced and powerful features, select enterprise.


To select multiple features, use the command key for Mac and the Ctrl key for Windows.

Most email marketing tools’ pricing is based on the number of email subscribers (contacts) while others like SMTP service providers charge based on the number of emails sent per month. That is why we use either contacts or emails sent to determine cost.

The prices provided above are accurate as of the time of publishing this post. If any of the listed prices are outdated or not correct, please contact us for updates. Additionally, if you have an email marketing tool you’d like us to consider adding to this list, kindly reach out to our team via the contact page.

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