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Shopify adds email notification feature to forms app

Shopify has added a new notification feature that makes it possible to receive email notifications when customers submit forms. This feature can be configured on the Shopify Forms app.

The Shopify Forms app allows businesses to create sign-up forms for collecting customer emails.

How to enable email notifications in the Shopify Forms app

Below is how to enable email notifications in the Shopify Forms app:

  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • Click on ‘Forms’ under ‘Apps.’
  • Select the form you made or create a new one using the Shopify Forms app.
  • When you open the form, scroll down to the bottom.
  • Go to the ‘Email Notifications’ section and tick the box that says ‘Send an email for each submission to this form’ to activate email notifications.

Now, whenever someone submits the form, the store owner will get an email notification. You can also choose to let the customer know when you’ve taken action on their submitted form.

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