EmailTidings is the authoritative voice in the email industry. We publish the latest news that target the email industry. Some of the topics we cover include but are not limited to email service providers announcements, email marketing software releases, email product releases, new email undustry standards, etc

Editorial Team

EmailTidings editorial team is led by Elvis, a seasoned media and communication graduate with over a decade of experience in editing and writing content for online publications. Since 2011, Elvis has been writing about digital marketing, web technologies, blogging, etc.

Beyond content creation, Elvis has created a number of simple but impactful emails tools like a WordPress plugin with over 30k active installation for disabling WP email notifications, a free web tool for scanning and removing words that may prevent your email from getting into the primary inbox of recipients, an email marketing PHP script, etc.

For any inquires, contact us via email justin@emailtidings.com