Amazon SES explains Yahoo, Gmail bulk email sender changes

Amazon SES explains Yahoo/Gmail bulk sender changes

Amazon SES has published an article detailing what bulk email senders that use Amazon SES need to do to comply with Yahoo/Gmail authentication requirements. Below are the key takeaways from the article.

Use Verified Domain

If you rely on email address identities, Amazon SES says you should verify your domain identities. This will help in complying with mailbox provider’s domain ownership verification requirements.

Subdomains use

Be strategic about the subdomains you use in the from header for different types of emails. For example, use a verified domain like for marketing emails and for transactional emails.

Provide Quick Email Newsletter Unsubscribe Option

Bulk senders must offer a one-click unsubscribe option to subscribers, and they need to process these requests within two days.

Enable Amazon SES Virtual Deliverability Manager

This tool helps monitor bounce and complaint rates with various mailbox providers. It is recommended to keep an eye on reputation metrics and stay below a 0.1% complaint rate.

More about Amazon SES bulk email senders compliance.

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