Gmail Bulk Email Sending Compliance Rules deadline

Gmail Delays Bulk Email Sending Compliance Rules to June

Yahoo and Gmail last year published new email requirements that bulk email senders were supposed to comply with by February 2024. Marketers sending emails to Yahoo or Gmail users were required to ensure that their domain is verified (DKIM/SPF/DMARC), and have added an easy option for subscribers to easily opt out of marketing emails among other requirements.

Now, according to Matt Paulson, the founder of MarketBeat, Google recently announced on a Twilio webinar that they are delaying their one-click opt-out requirement until June. Google also said they won’t be rejecting any mail that’s not compliant (that they aren’t already rejecting) until April.

This means email marketing platforms that have not added domain verification features or bulk email senders who have not complied with the requirements have a few months to make sure that they have adhered to the rules.

We had earlier written about Yahoo and Gmail’s new email-sending requirements.

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