ConvertKit on compliance with Gmail's bulk email senders requrements

ConvertKit on compliance with Gmail’s new requirements for bulk email senders

ConvertKit has made some changes that make it easy for customers to meet Gmail and Yahoo’s new requirements for bulk email senders by introducing domain and DMARC verification. If you want to learn more about these rules, you can check our previous article on this page.

To comply with these regulations, all you need to do is enter your domain, and the Convertkit system will identify your domain host. Once identified, you can easily log in to your domain host and add the necessary DNS records.

How to Verify Your Domain in ConvertKit

To verify your domain in ConvertKit follow the simple procedure below;

  • Log in to your ConvertKit account.
  • Click on “Settings” and then “Email.”
  • Scroll down to the verified domain sending section and click “Verify Domain.”
  • Enter your domain.
  • Copy and add the DNS record in your domain hosting DNS section.
  • Validate the DNS records.

Yahoo and Gmail recently announced that starting from February 2024, all bulk email senders must adhere to new email authentication rules. One of these rules requires marketers sending emails to Gmail users to verify their domain in a move aimed at combating spam.

Learn more about Gmail and Yahoo’s new email requirements.

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