Don't send unsubscribe confirmation email

Trevor Noah: Don’t send unsubscribe confirmation email

There’s this thing that email marketers think is a good idea, but most email subscribers will tell you they don’t like it. Things like pop-up subscription forms, sending confirmation emails after unsubscribing from an email list, and requiring a login to update email preferences.

Don’t send unsubscribe confirmation email

Users hate receiving confirmation emails once they have unsubscribed from an email list. If someone has asked never to be sent emails through unsubscribing, there is no need to send a confirmation email with a resubscribe option in it. Just delete them from your email list.

Television host, Trevor Noah, even tweeted about it, saying, “If I unsubscribe, please don’t send me another email telling me I’ve unsubscribed.”

Avoid Annoying Pop-ups

You know those pop-ups that ask you to sign up when you visit or leave a website? Most people don’t like them. Adding a simple email subscription form below a blog post or article is enough.

Simplify the Unsubscribe Process

Ever clicked on an unsubscribe link, and you are told to log in to your account to update your email preferences? Users hate that, and most of them do not even remember the account login details. A one-click email unsubscription option is enough.

To address the email marketing issues mentioned above, Yahoo and Gmail will in February 2024 introduce new email marketing policies that target bulk email senders. One of those policies is the requirement for bulk email senders to include a quick email unsubscription option in their marketing emails.

Learn more about Gmail and Yahoo’s upcoming email policies that target bulk email senders.

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