SendNow Is Shutting Down

SendNow Is Shutting Down

SendNow has announced that it is shutting down after launching on AppSumo late last year. Despite being fairly new in the market, SendNow had positioned itself as one of the best platforms for sending cold emails. It received many positive reviews on AppSumo for its user-friendly interface and lifetime deals. The impression was that they were heading in the right direction.

SendNow has not given a specific reason for closing down. However, it seems to coincide with upcoming Yahoo and Gmail bulk email-sending requirements, which may significantly affect cold email senders. It is likely that SendNow found it challenging to comply with these requirements and decided to exit the market before their customers started feeling the impacts of the new rules. You can learn more about the upcoming Yahoo and Gmail email-sending rules we wrote about earlier.

SendNow says all users have two weeks from today (around mid-February 2024) to export their data. Instructions on how to export the data will be sent to customers via email, and refunds will be processed through AppSumo.

All Sendnow.ia social media accounts have been deleted, and website pages, except the login page, show a 404 error when accessed.

If you are looking for an alternative to SendNow, you might want to consider

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