Proton Mail Automatic Email Forwarding Feature

Proton Mail Introduces Automatic Email Forwarding for External Recipients

Proton Mail has introduced an email forwarding feature that now makes it possible for Proton users to forward emails to internal and external users. The feature is currently available to Mail Plus, Proton Unlimited, and Proton for Business subscribers.

How to enable automatic email forwarding in Proton Mail

To enable auto email forwarding in Proton Mail, follow the procedure below;

  • Log in to your Proton Mail account
  • Click on ‘All Settings’
  • Navigate to the left sidebar menu and select ‘Forward and Auto-Reply’
  • Proceed to ‘Set up Email Forwarding’ to configure forwarding options

Proton Mail email forwarding comes with the option to set forwarding rules. For example, if you are on holiday, but there is a colleague left in the office to handle your duties, you can set a rule to auto-forward incoming emails to him or her. You can also select to forward incoming emails whose subject contains or does not contain some specified terms.

Forwarded emails to non-Proton email addresses are not end-to-end encrypted. Also, a user receiving the forwarded email must confirm that they accept to receive forwarded emails from you. A confirmation email will be sent to them.

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