Proton Mail desktop app

Proton Mail desktop app is now available in Beta

Proton Mail native desktop app for Windows and macOS is now available in beta for select users. 

Proton had earlier indicated in its roadmap that it was experimenting with the Electron.js desktop app to bring the Proton Mail app to the desktop. This addition joins the existing suite of ProtonMail apps, including the web app, iOS, and Android.

The introduction of a native email desktop app allows users to access their ProtonMail accounts offline on Windows or macOS devices. This offers a compelling alternative to Microsoft Outlook users searching for a privacy-focused desktop email app.

ProtonMail supports end-to-end encryption of emails, which ensures no one can access your inbox.  Additionally, ProtonMail provides a Bridge app, that enables integration with popular email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

Featured Image Source/ Proton

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