Skiff Mail PGP encryption support

Skiff Mail Introduces PGP Encryption Support

Skiff Mail has today announced that it has added support for PGP encryption. Skiff users can now enable PGP, automatically create keys, import keys and resolve keys for external users.

PGP encryption is an email communication security technique that uses digital signatures and encryption protocols to protect data in transit.

For example, if John and Mary want to communicate securely via email, they can use PGP. To get started, John will need to obtain Mary’s public key from the public directory. He will then encrypt the email message using Mary’s public key and sign it with his private key. Upon receiving the encrypted message, Mary will use her private key to decrypt the message.

Skiff makes this process easy by automatically retrieving the recipients’ public keys from the public Key Directory when available. Users can also manually import any existing PGP keys and attach them from the compose windows.

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