Proton Drive photo backup for android devices

Proton Drive adds photo backup for android devices

Proton Drive has introduced automatic photo backup for android devices. This makes it possible and easy to backup photos in your android device to Photon Drive cloud.

Enabling Proton Drive Photo Backup in Andorid

To setup automatic photo backup, all that is required is to download the Proton Drive android app and enable automatic camera uploads. After enabling the feature, every photo that you take using your smartphone camera will be automatically saved to your Proton Drive account.

The photos will be categorized by date and can be accessed from alll your devices that are synced to your Proton Drive account (iOS, Android, and web).

Proton says that photos uploaded to Proton Drive will be end-to-end encrypted by default preventing access by malicios users. You can also enable offline access of the photos.

ProtonMail positions itself as the best alternative to Gmail when it comes to privacy. The backup feature is therefore an ideal option for users looking for a privacy-focused photo backup app for Android.

Featured image source/ Proton

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