NordPass Email Masking feature

NordPass Introduces Email Masking Feature to Combat Spam

NordPass has introduced Email Masking, a new feature that seeks to help users combat spam emails. With Email Masking, you can create more than one masked email and forward all incoming emails to your primary email address without disclosing it.

Email Masking is particularly important if you want to use separate emails for various online activities like signing up for newsletters or making online purchases, all while keeping your main email private. Let’s say you want to sign up for a Zoom event that requires your email, you can provide the masked email during the signup process and later delete it if you no longer wish to receive emails from the event organizers.

The benefit of using masked emails over unsubscribing from marketing emails is that you can keep your primary email data private. For instance, if is hacked, your primary email will not be leaked to the public since you used a masked email to sign up.

How to create a masked email in NordPass

  • To create email mask in NordPass, follow the procedure below;
  • Log in to your NordPass account.
  • Click on Email Masking in the sidebar.
  • Select “Create Mask” to add an email mask
  • You are done

You can choose to enable or disable forwarding and delete the email mask when you no longer need it.

The Email Masking feature is currently available for NordPass Premium and Family users. NordPass says the feature will be available for NordPass Business users in the coming months. The premium plan price starts at $1.99 per month.

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