Mautic 5 features

Mautic 5 exciting new features

Mautic 5 is set to be released on 9th January 2024, and it comes with a lot of new features and bug fixes.

The Mautic Team has been working hard to ensure Mautic is compatible with Symphony 5. Below are some of the key features to expect in Mautic 5 according to the release candidate.

Mautic 5 Features

Calendar removed

The Mautic Calendar has been removed as it is considered insecure and buggy. This means if you upgrade to Mautic 5, you will not be able to see the Calendar option in the sidebar menu

Google Analytics 4 support

Mautic has upgraded the analytics.js code to use the newer gtag code, which will work with old UA codes and the newer GA4 codes. Google recently migrated from Google Analytics Universal to GA4.

Email Reply

When you send custom emails, there is a new field to add an email that recipients can use to reply to.

Email Delivered Stats

Mautic now adds delivered emails stats, which makes it easy to know the number of emails that arrived in the recipient’s inbox. This is particularly important for marketers who want to track their email deliverability rate.

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