Adding branded subdomain Klaviyo

Klaviyo adds option to setup custom subdomain for email sending

When you send emails using Klaviyo, you now have the option to use a custom subdomain as the sender’s address. This means that instead of showing ‘’ as the sender, your emails can display your branded subdomain, giving them a more personalized look which also complies with Gmail and Yahoo’s new email authentication rules.

By default, when you send emails through Klaviyo, they appear to come from ‘’ But with the new custom subdomain feature, your emails will seem like they are sent directly from your domain.

The subdomain you pick for sending emails via Klaviyo should not already be in use somewhere else.

How to set up a custom subdomain in Klaviyo

To add a branded subdomain in Klaviyo dashboard, follow the procedure below;

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Email, then Domain menu.
  • Add your sending subdomain and click ‘next.’
  • Choose your domain registrar.
  • Copy the DNS records provided and add them to your domain hosting’s DNS Zone.
  • Return to Klaviyo and verify the added records.

Google and Yahoo recently announced new email authentication rules that will take effect in February 2024. They require bulk email senders to prove ownership of the domains they’re using to send emails from. These changes will impact most email marketing platforms that use shared IP addresses or domains for sending emails.

Learn more about Yahoo and Gmail email authentication requirements for bulk email senders.

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