Gmail and Yahoo bulk email sender requirements compliance

Aweber on Gmail/Yahoo bulk email senders requirements compliance

Starting February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will start enforcing email authentication requirements for bulk email senders (5k+). Most email marketing platforms like Aweber, Klaviyo, SendGrid, etc have put in place measures to ensure that their clients comply with the requirements with just a few clicks.

Aweber will be hosting a webinar on January 17 at 12pm ET with email deliverability experts to provide more context on what bulk email senders need to do to ensure that they comply with the requirements.  

Aweber suggests that all email marketers should send emails from an address with a custom domain. Avoid using or addresses for sending bulk emails. These addresses are meant for personal communication, not for sending newsletters or promotions to a large audience.

For instance, instead of sending emails from, it’s better to use

You can easily register a custom domain with web hosting companies like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Gmail recommends that you send marketing emails to users who have opted in, and also provide a quick way for subscribers to opt out of your email list. Additionally, if you are sending marketing emails from a shared IP address, you should regularly monitor the reputation of the IP address using the Google Postmaster tool.

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