Dropbox to Skiff Drive migration

Skiff Mail is working on a way to transfer files from Dropbox on the fly

Skiff Mail says that it is working on a way to easily transfer files from Dropbox to Skiff Drive, amidst concerns that Dropbox is sharing user data with Third-party AI platforms without permission.

Most users are furious that Dropbox enabled the feature to share Dropbox data with OpenAI by default without any sort of e-mail notification or warning. You can turn this feature off by going to account settings, then Third Party AI, and toggle off.

In defense of its actions, Dropbox CEO posted on Twitter (now X) that, “Third-party AI services are only used when customers actively engage with Dropbox AI features which themselves are clearly labeled

Skiff Drive as Dropbox alternative

Skiff Drive positions itself as an alternative to Dropbox when it comes to the protection of user data and privacy. Skiff says that its data is end-to-end encrypted, and only you can access it by default. Its free plan comes with 10 GB of free storage.

The challenge that many businesses and individuals who intend to migrate to other Dropbox alternatives like Skiff Drive, Proton Drive, etc. have to contend with is seamless integration with third-party apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft, Slack, AWS, content management systems, etc.

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