Beehiiv custom domain use for Yahoo, Gmail requirements compliance

Beehiiv now recommends use of custom domain for email sending

Gmail and Yahoo announced that they will be introducing new email delivery requirements that will affect users sending emails from shared domains and IP addresses.

Many people use Beehiiv’s subdomain and email to send marketing emails. Instead of using and, they use and Basically, they depend on Beehiiv’s domain reputation for email deliverability.

The new Gmail and Yahoo bulk email-sending requirements that are expected to go into effect in February 2024 emphasize the need for marketers to use their verified custom domain to send marketing emails. This is to make sure that you are in control of your IP and domain’s reputation.

Beehiiv shared a tweet recommending its users to set up a custom sending domain for email sending. This way, they can keep track of their email reputation and deliverability. Additionally, Google Postmaster Tools, used for checking email spam rates, only allows you to check email reputation for a custom email that you own, like (

Here is an article that we published earlier about Yahoo and Gmail’s new email requirements.

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